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The "Afghan Children Draw Future" project implemented in four districts of Kabul province (Paghman, Kalakan, Chahar Asyab and Deh Sabz). The Influential Women and Youth Green Home Organization selected 300 school/madrasa children (boys and girls) to draw their dreams and visions for peace by gathering in the Masques/Masjids. The drawings collected from the Masques/Masjids screened and 80 drawings from 300 selected by a jury of five members. The selected drawings had exhibited in a half-day open space exhibition in Kabul. A quality Photo Journal of 80 selected drawings has been designed for publication.

Exhibition of Afghan Children's Dreamlike

Drawing exhibition of children and peace! "Afghan children draw the future" Green Home organization, in cooperation with the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), in the continuation of their activities in line with working with children for raising their voice on Intra-Afghan Talk Peace Dialogue , after collecting 300 drawing on the topic of peace from four districts of Kabul city (Kalkan, Chahar Asiyab, Paghman and Deh Sabz) held a drawing exhibition. This program was held with the presence of people's representatives and children's representatives who participated in the drawing, Ms. Leila Jafari, head of the integration of civil institutions and political formations from the Ministry of Peace Affairs, colleagues of the USIP and members of the Green Home. At the beginning, Ms. Zahra Yagana, the founder of Green Home, expressed her gratitude to all the children who participated in this program and stated that Green Home will spare no effort to convey the message of the children to the peace process officials, she added that after preparing a journal with selected photos it will be published in cooperation with the Afghanistan Mechanism for Inclusive Peace (AMIP), the children's message will be shared in the negotiation table and both sides of the Intra-Afghan Talk Peace Dialogue. Also, this journal and children's message are partnered with the Supreme Council of Reconciliation and the Ministry of Peace Affairs so that the officials take into account the wishes and concerns of children in the peace process. In addition, Mrs. Leila Jafari welcomed the holding of such programs in order to lay the groundwork for social peace and promised to cooperate in bringing the voices of the people, especially children, to Afghanistan government authorities. In the continuation of the program, the representatives of the districts also clearly asked the both sides of war to end the war in Afghanistan, and the leadership of Green Home Organization honored these guests for their voluntary cooperation in the districts by awarding certificates of appreciation to these guests. At the end of the program, participants voted for the drawings that had the strongest message, and then a committee consisting of peace activists and artists selected the best 80 drawings from among 300 drawings to be published in the photo journal. At the end, the leadership of the Green Home appreciated the presence of all the guests and the United States Institute of Peace for their cooperation.

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