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on Saturday October 26th, 1398 at Samangan province, IWYGHO with the collaboration of TLO organized a one-day workshop with focus on the findings of “Real Cost of Coal” and “Social and Environmental Impact of Coal Extraction”. This workshop had 40 students of Samangan university which most of them were residents of the Dara-e-Sof district. This training discussed the evaluation of coal extraction condition in Dara-e-Sof district of Samangan province, evaluation of coal extraction and its social and environmental impacts, the economic condition of local people and coal extraction, illegal coal mining, human rights and illegal coal mining, labors’ rights, corruption and quota of revenue of coal extraction. In this workshop participants shared some of their concerns with the IWYGHO team and requested the team to consider their concerns in future programs and meetings with policymakers and responsible authorities. Their concerns are as follows; - Affected lands should be restored from coal extraction; - Mineworkers should be hired from local people not outside of the province; - Awareness about personal protection and occupational safety should be raised; - Attention should be paid to the deteriorated lands to be restored from mining; - New and standardized infrastructures should be built; - Coal mining workers’ heir or the beneficiary should be supported. For instance, those families who lost their family members in coal mining should be paid some percentage of the revenue.

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