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2 months ago

Green Home’s volunteer team, along with a Leishmaniosis specialized doctor, organized a three-day campaign to raise public awareness about the disease in the Etifaq Town in western part of Kabul city. About 300 people were provided awareness about leishmaniosis and its prevention in Etifaq Town and Chehl-Dokhtran Mountain through this program. The Etifaq Town and Chehl-Dokhtran Mountain are the most remote and deprived areas of Kabul province, according to a survey that was done by environmental department of Green Home, most of people who are suffering from leishmaniosis are living in these areas. For this reason, it was essential to provide awareness about leishmaniosis and the way of its prevention to those people. Through advocacies that were done by Green Home Organization, the Ministry of Public Health created a three-month temporary clinical vaccine for these area. After further consecutive advocacies, a department of leishmania was stablished at the Chehl-Dokhtran Health Center.

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